Exeter City off to Brazil

Exeter City Football Club are off to Brazil to recreate the historic game of Brazil's first match as a country - against Exeter!

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Exeter City plans for fans in Brazil

Exeter City have announced details of the tour to Brazil and how fans can now book tickets and travel to this historic event.

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We are pleased to say we have completed our research into the numbers of fans who have indicated they would consider travelling to Rio de Janeiro in July 2014 for the return of Exeter City Football Club to Brazil after 100 years away.

We have secured Thomas Cook Sport as the club's official tour operator.

Deposits are higher than initially anticipated, but are in line with standard industry practice and the requirements of our official travel partners and are out of the control of the club.

– Exeter City FC


Exeter City off to Brazil to play Fluminense

There are still a number of the many practical details and financial aspects of such an undertaking to be worked through, but these will be undertaken in an atmosphere of great mutual regard and friendship and the intention and agreement to play the game is now confirmed.

In this way, we shall be both formally celebrating, in the year that the World Cup went to Brazil, the birth of the Brazilian national team plus re-affirming our links to Fluminense.

We are sure that where possible, Fluminense will seek to include various guest players from other clubs in Brazil, and in such a way we are replicating the original fixtures played during that amazing 1914 trip that Exeter City made to Rio de Janeiro.

Our club would like to formally pay tribute to the President and his board of Fluminense for the respect and friendship they have shown to our club.

– Julian Tagg, Vice-chairman and chief executive, Exeter City FC

Exeter City off to Brazil to recreate historic game


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