Dramatic rescue at sea

A group of nine people have been rescued after getting cut off by the tide in North Cornwall.

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Lifeguards rescue 6 children and 3 adults

We swam two children out first, with a Dad who was helping another child, we dropped them off at the beach 15 metres away and returned for the second group. We repeated the process with the other three children and one of the adults who was a stronger swimmer helping one of the children."

– RNLI lifeguard Martin White

6 children trapped in gully off Cornwall beach

RNLI lifeguards with one of nine people rescued from a gully at Constantine. Credit: RNLI

Six children and three adults have been rescued by Lifeguards on Treyernon beach in north Cornwall.

The group was trapped by the incoming tide in a gully on Tuesday afternoon.

The RNLI said they were huddled together on a rocky platform above the gully which was quickly filling with water as the tide came in, and with a solid five foot swell washing though, they were in danger of being swept off the rocks.

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