Fishing boat runs aground

Ten tonnes of fuel have leaked into the sea off Cornwall after a French fishing vessel ran aground near the Lizard

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Scuderia skipper fined after running aground

The skipper of a French fishing vessel has been ordered to pay £11,155 in fines and costs after pleading guilty to endangering his vessel and crew together with failing to keep a proper look-out after falling asleep.

The 'Scuderia' sailed from Roscoff in northern France last Wednesday, 28th August, but ran aground at Lankidden Cove between Cadgwith and Coverack.

None of the 5 crew was injured but the forward fuel tank had been ruptured, with the loss of approximately 10 tonnes of diesel.

An anti-pollution and salvage operation was put in place and the vessel was refloated on Monday.

The 38-year-old skipper, Gilles Lemaitre, appeared before Truro Magistrates' Court today where he pleaded guilty to both offences.

There are no excuses for the person responsible for navigating the vessel to fall asleep on the job.

More so when that person is the skipper who has taken medication that could impact on him staying awake and alert.

He could have called one of the other crew members to come to the wheelhouse and take over.

This was a serious incident which could have had much more severe consequences.

– Tony Heslop, Maritime & Coastguard Agency

Stranded French trawler successfully refloated

Ten tonnes of fuel leaked into the sea last week. Credit: ITV News West Country

A fishing boat that has been stranded on rocks on the Cornish coast since last week has been successfully refloated.

Another bid was made earlier this afternoon to rescue the Scuderia after two previous failed attempts. The vessel is being towed to Falmouth for inspection and repair.

Ten tonnes of fuel leaked into the sea off the Lizard when the French boat ran aground late last Wednesday. Five crew members had to be rescued.


'Waiting game' for re-float of stranded French trawler

Coastguards say they are waiting for a high enough tide in order to attempt to re-float a French trawler which ran aground off The Lizard in Cornwall. It had been leaking oil but all fuel has now been removed from the vessel, and its crew are being housed elsewhere.

In the meantime, attempts are being made to lighten the boat as much as possible, and extra airbags have been fitted. Coastguards believe it could be re-floated as early as tomorrow morning, though it may take longer.

Operation to re-float stricken fishing boat

The French fishing boat Scuderia ran aground off the Lizard on Wednesday Credit: RNLI

Further efforts will be made today to re-float a French fishing boat stuck on rocks on the Cornish coast.

Ten tonnes of fuel leaked into the sea off the east side of the Lizard when the Scuderia ran aground late on Wednesday.

Anchors were fitted to the vessel last night, with a refloat attempt planned for lunchtime.


VIDEO: French fishing boat leaks fuel off Cornwall

Ten tonnes of fuel have leaked into the sea off Cornwall after a French fishing boat ran aground.

The Scuderia is stuck on rocks on the east side of the Lizard Peninsula at Lankidden Cove. Five crew members were rescued without injury.

Coastguards are hoping to remove a further 20 tonnes of fuel before attempting to re-float the vessel tomorrow.

Video courtesy of the RNLI

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