Heart boy gets local school

A mum from South Gloucestershire has been offered a school place within five minutes of her home for the five year old son who has a heart condition, following a report on ITV News West Country.

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Heart-boy wins place at his local school

The mother of a five year boy from Bradley Stoke who has a heart condition and was offered a school place 35 minutes away has now been offered a place nearer to home.

It's after ITV News West Country broadcast a report about Camron Atkins' plight on Wednesday evening.

The Mayor of Bradley Stoke and Governor of St Chads Primary School in Patchway approached Tracy Atkins after watching the report.

Camron's mum said he will be starting at the school on Monday.

I'm happy I fought for the system for mine and every child's right. I hope that this can help families facing the same situation and I hope they can find the courage to fight the system

all the way for what is right and what they believe in and most importantly never give up.

– Tracy Atkins, Camron's mother.


Full report: Heart condition boy kept off school

A mother from South Gloucestershire says she's willing to risk being prosecuted over a decision not to send her five-year-old son to school.

Tracy Atkins' son Camron has a heart condition that means he can't walk long distances. The local authority has offered her son a place at a primary school a 35 minute walk from her home in Bradley Stoke.

South Gloucestershire Council has offered free transport for Camron - but not his mother. She says a place must be found at a school much closer to her home.

Our education correspondent Richard Payne reports:

Mum will risk prosecution for nearer school place

A mother from Bradley Stoke near Bristol has said she will risk prosecution for refusing to send her five year-old son to school after missing out on a place at each of her three preferred choices.

Camron Atkins has a chronic heart problem and is unable to walk long distances.

The school offered by South Gloucestershire Council is a 35-minute walk away.

Statement from South Gloucestershire Council

We are sorry that we have been unable to offer a place at a local school for Miss Atkins' son, but unfortunately the year groups at her preferred choices were already full to capacity by the time she made her application.

We recognise that Miss Atkins’ son has special requirements and we have done everything we can to try to offer assistance. This includes offering free transport to and from the school, which Miss Atkins has not yet applied for.

We would not normally offer free transport in this situation, as the offered school is located within a reasonable distance. However we have made an exception in this instance because of her son’s medical condition.”

– South Gloucestershire Council spokesman

Mother keeps son with heart condition off school

Camron with his mother Tracy. Credit: ITV News West Country

A mum from South Gloucestershire has decided to keep her five year son Camron from starting school because of a heart condition. South Gloucestershire Council offered Tracy Atkins a place at an infants school a 35 minute walk from the home in Bradley Stoke.

The Council has offered free transport for Camron but his mother said there are several schools nearer to their home.


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