MP: Ban veils in colleges

Sarah Wollaston MP (Con, Totnes, Brixham and South Hams), says the niqab should be banned in schools and colleges. It follows a Birmingham college's decision to reverse a ban on the garment.

MP's Islamic veil comments cause Twitter backlash


Poor Sarah Wollaston's twitter feed has become a total car crash of bigotry, Islamophobia, historical ignorance and exceptionalism.


Sarah Wollaston, how about asking a woman who wears niqab what she thinks about her freedom? Or does her opinion does not matter?


Feel quite uncomfortable about Sarah Wollaston's comments about the #niqab today.


Sarah Wollaston's tweets on 'offensive' Islamic veils


feminists should be allowed to say that they find the #niqab deeply offensive without being accused of being bigoted or islamophobic,


The niqab should be banned within schools & colleges; how on earth do they promote equality when they collude with making women invisible?


The niqab won't be banned in the UK because too many politicians will hide behind freedom; hiding women away is a perversion of freedom

The Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston says Islamic veils are an 'intolerable subjugation of women which should not be allowed to masquerade as freedom.'