Troops train in USA

Gunners from 29 Commando in Plymouth are training in heatwave conditions in California

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Last in series: Troops train in the USA

A group of Commando gunners are in California to brush up their skills with their US Marine counterparts. One-Four-Eight Battery of Two Nine Commando is one of the most specialised units in the Royal Artillery.

There's a steady trickle of people from this small, select group into the special forces. In the last in the series, John Andrews joined the teams, who get close to the enemy to call in artillery and air strikes, as they learned the art of concealment.

USA training exercise continues for 29 Commando

After ten tough years in Afghanistan, our armed forces are preparing to withdraw from the country where the conflict has claimed the lives of more than 400 of their comrades.

But many younger soldiers who haven't served there are ready for the next trouble spot.

John Andrews has been with Plymouth-based 29 Commando in California where they're training with US Marines so they're prepared, wherever that war may be.


Troops from West Country train in USA

Troops based in Plymouth are on exercise in California, tackling temperatures of nearly 100 F.

The army gunners from 29 Commando have been working alongside US Marines. They are being given the chance to train with live ammunition - whether small arms fire or attack from the air.

At the same time they are improving co-operation between the two countries.

Men from 29 Commando on a training exercise in California Credit: ITV News West Country
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