Fox claims 3p expense

North Somerset MP, and former cabinet minister, Liam Fox claimed 3p for a journey of 100 metres.

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Statement from Liam Fox on mileage row

Dr Liam Fox Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

In response to the row over his 3p expense claim, a spokesperson for Dr Liam Fox said:

The IPSA guidance states that: MPs may claim for Travel and Subsistence Expenditure for journeys which are necessary for the performance of their parliamentary functions¹. In this case the claim relates to category C: ‘travel within the constituency or within 20 miles of the constituency boundary.

Dr Fox provides the exact distance, in miles, travelled to and from each of his constituency engagements based on the post code, as IPSA requires.

Where Dr Fox has a full day of constituency engagements back to back, the mileage is worked out methodically from one location to the next, with intention of ensuring full transparency.

Dr Fox usually submits his mileage claims on a two-monthly basis whereby IPSA determines the value per mile and thus the cumulative value of the claim.

Individual claims are not made in the way suggested by the newspaper stories which clearly intend to mislead. Overall, Dr Fox’s travel spend is one of the lowest, 421st on the list of MP’s.

Taxpayers Alliance slams Liam Fox expense claims

The campaign group The Taxpayers' Alliance has criticised North Somerset MP Liam Fox after it emerged that he claimed 3 pence in expenses for a car of journey of under 100 metres.

The former defence secretary made another 15 claims of under 1 pound for car travel in the past financial year. Mr Fox has said that all his expenses obey current parliamentary rules, but campaign group

Eleanor McGrath from The Taxpayers Alliance think the public will question why such small claims were made.


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