NY Police search for Banksy

New York police search for Banksy as another mural is found.

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Banksy reveals new Staten Island video artwork

Elusive graffiti artist Banksy has revealed his latest installation in the form of a video, as he continues to evade New York authorities. The 30 second clip shows ants on a mound, filmed in Staten Island, but could be seen as too inappropriate to display.

The mysterious Banksy is calling his month in New York his "Better Out Than In" residency.

Banksy reveals new artwork in New York. Credit: Youtube/ Banksy NY

Among his works so far: the image of a Ronald McDonald statue getting his red clown shoe shined, which appeared in the Bronx on Tuesday, and a livestock truck adorned with children's stuffed farm animal toys - a mobile installation Banksy calls "Sirens of the Lambs."


NY Police search for Banksy

NY Police search for Banksy Credit: ITV News West Country

Police in New York are still trying to find Bristol graffiti artist Bansky for defacing public property. He's just unveiled his latest art work in The City and hundreds of admirers have been queueing to see it.

At least 18 murals have appeared so far. The mayor has said his acts shouldn't be tolerated but the pictures still keep appearing and Bansky's nowhere to be found!

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