Devon 3 held in Russia

There are reports Russian authorities will press additional charges against several Greenpeace activists who were arrested for a protest at the country's first offshore Arctic oil rig.

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Greenpeace video of Russian arrests

Greenpeace has released video footage of the moment it claims armed Russian forces landed on their ship Arctic Sunrise and arrested the crew, lncluding three people from Devon.

Journalist Kieron Bryan, maritime engineer Iain Rogers and Alexandra Harris from Devon, are among thirty people still being held since their arrest in September.

Greenpeace activists to face more charges

Russian authorities say they will press additional charges against several Greenpeace activists being held over a protest at the country's first offshore Arctic oil rig.

Three of the 30 in Russian custody, Alex Harris, Kieron Bryan and Iain Rogers, are from Devon, and are charged with hooliganism.

It's reported some activists will now face additional charges of resisting law officers, which would carry a maximum five year prison sentence.

Russian investigators initially charged the activists with piracy.

They later changed the charge to hooliganism which has a maximum jail sentence of seven years.

David Cameron today called the charges "excessive" and urged president Vladimir Putin to make sure they can come home.

Russian authorities arrested 30 people in the Arctic in September Credit: Greenpeace


Families wait for latest news

Families of the Greenpeace detainees are waiting to find out when their relatives will be moved to a prison in St Petersburg.

Three of the 30 people held are from Devon.

They'll next appear in court at the end of November, but It's still not clear whether the charge of piracy will be dropped.

The families will meet again at the Foreign Office on Monday.

Protests to free the Greenpeace supporters imprisoned in Russia Credit: ITV

Family of Devon journalist speaks out

The family of one of the Devon activists jailed in Russia have today said they are not satisfied with the news the authorities have dropped piracy charges.

Yesterday relatives listened as Torridge and West Devon MP Geoffrey Cox began a debate about the whole affair after promising he would do all he could to help.

Russell Bryan wants his brother Kieron released with no charge.


Russia piracy charges replaced with hooliganism

Russia has dropped the piracy charges against the Greenpeace supporters being held in the country, and replaced it with the lesser charge of hooliganism.

Three of those being held are from Devon.

The news comes after the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, insisted the government is doing all it can to secure their release. His comments came after criticism in parliament today, Jeff Welsh reports.

Brother: 'Harriet Harmon spoke very well for Kieron'

MPs have been discussing the plight of the three Greenpeace supporters from Devon who are being held in Russia.

The MP for Torridge and West Devon, secured the debate after promising to do all he could to support the families of those who were arrested onboard the Greenpeace boat.

Russell Bryan a brother of one of the detainees said: "I think we've been pleased with the turn out of the debate you know there was some very good arguments made on behalf of all the detainees in Russia."

"Harriet Harmon spoke very well for Kieron and I think we were pleased with the level of debate there was."

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