Banksy art sells for thousands

A grafittied painting by Bristol artist Banksy has sold for around £400,000 at auction

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Banksy making headlines Stateside

The modified picture by Bristol artist, Banksy, which sold for £400,000, marks the end of his residency in New York.

He's caused quite a sensation with the Mayor of New York publicly denouncing him but many others going mad for his work.

Wesley Smith reports.

Banksy boosts charity shop profits

A picture, modified by Bristol graffiti artist, Banksy, has raised around £400,000 for charity.

He'd bought the oil painting from a New York charity shop and added a Nazi officer to it.

Banksy then returned it to the store who put it up for auction to raise funds. Phil Walker is from Bristol Museum & Art Gallery...


Painting altered by Bristol's Banksy sells for $615,000

Banksy called the work 'The banality of the banality of evil' Credit: Dennis Van Tine/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

A grafittied painting by Bristolian artist Banksy has sold for $615,000 (around £400,000) at auction.

Banksy bought the oil painting from a charity shop in New York, before returning it complete with a Nazi officer a short time later for them to sell. It marked the end of the artist's one month residency in the city.

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