Chris Jefferies drama filmed

Filming has begun for an ITV drama 'Chris Jefferies - The Lost Honour', about the Bristol landlord wrongly accused of murdering Jo Yeates in 2010.

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Chris Jefferies TV drama: on location

Our reporter Robert Murphy has been invited on-set in Bristol where filming for a television drama based on the story of Christopher Jefferies has started.

The retired teacher was wrongly accused of murdering Joanna Yeates in 2010 and won a libel action against several newspapers.


More details on ITV's Chris Jefferies drama

The Lost Honour is based on the true story of Christopher Jefferies, a retired schoolmaster who was arrested when his tenant, 25 year-old landscape architect Joanna Yeates, was found murdered on Christmas Day in 2010. While in police custody, Jefferies became the most familiar face in Britain.

This powerful drama begins the day before Yeates’ disappearance, and follows the innocent Jefferies through his arrest, release and subsequent isolation as his un-sought fame profoundly affected his life. On 20 January 2011, the real killer, neighbour Vincent Tabak, was finally arrested.

Christopher Jefferies will be played by Jason Watkins (Being Human, Psychoville, Little Dorrit). The cast also includes Peter Polycarpou as Louis Charalambous and Shaun Parkes as Paul Okebu, Jefferies’ legal team.


Director of Chris Jefferies drama is his former pupil

Peter Morgan has written a vivid and ultimately uplifting account of a man who was wrongly accused and found himself at the centre of a media storm. It's a story that celebrates our right to be eccentric, and it also, as it happens, is the story of a rather brilliant man who was once my English teacher!”

– Roger Michell, Director
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