Bristol most congested city

A new report says Bristol is the most congested city in England.

The TomTom Traffic Index shows journey times in Bristol are are up to 66% longer in the evening, than at other times of day.

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Bristol's traffic jams

If you had a frustratingly slow drive in Bristol today, you won't be surprised to learn that a report is claiming that, at peak times, it's the most congested city in England.

According to the latest data by Tom Tom, the satnav company, over the last year the rush hour traffic hasn't improved in the city at all. We followed our reporter Jane Solomons on her drive to the ITV West Country studios in Bristol this morning.


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Congestion improves in just three UK cities

Traffic jams have only improved in three of Britain's major cities over the past year, according to the TomTom Traffic Index.

  • The only cities where congestion actually improved where Edinburgh, Leeds-Bradford and Nottingham.
  • Congestion has gotten worse in Belfast, Brighton, London, Manchester, Leicester, Sheffield, Liverpool and Newcastle over the last 12 months.
  • Journey times in Bristol have risen by 66% during the peak of the evening rush hour and in Brighton driving home takes 45% longer than it would have this time last year.
  • Despite the congestion charge, driving in London now takes more time than last year with drivers enduring rush-hour journey times of up to 60 per cent longer than non-peak times.
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