Embarrassment for Devon MP

A Royal British Legion worker who 'reimbursed' her local MP for expenses he claimed after attending a remembrance day parade

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Former Wren to Devon MP: You Sir are a disgrace

A former Wren has described her local MP as a 'disgrace' in a letter she gave him at a Remembrance Day Parade.

Fiona Lang, from Barnstaple, gave it to North Devon Liberal Democrat Sir Nick Harvey.

In it she criticised him for claiming travel expenses to a remembrance service in 2011.

He subsequently paid it back - explaining the claim had been submitted in error.

Seth Conway has the story.

Devon woman confronts MP over expenses

A video showing a former Royal Navy Wren confronting her local MP in Devon has attracted worldwide attention.

Fiona Laing handed Sir Nick Harvey an envelope containing £7.20 at a remembrance service yesterday.

Two years ago the North Devon MP claimed that amount in expenses for a previous event. He later said it was a mistake.

video courtesy of Fiona Laing


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