Bristol Mayor's budget cuts

George Ferguson reveals his plan to save £90 million on council spending during the next three years and still protect vital services

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Full report: £90m of cuts and 1,000 job losses

They are the worst set of cuts Bristol has seen in a generation. That's the warning from union leaders as they work out the details of the Mayor's proposed budget.

George Ferguson published his draft last night. It involves £90 million of cuts and a thousand people will lose their jobs.

Health, social care, parks, transport - all city council services are being affected.

Robert Murphy has the story:

Council Labour Group: Bristol's future 'very bleak'

The Bristol City Council Labour Group has reacted angrily to Mayor George Ferguson's budget cuts, announced yesterday:

The Mayor once promised to protect the poor and vulnerable in this city but there's precious little sign of it with massive cuts to children's centres, older people and disabled people. [...]

This on top of a massive restructuring of the workforce and the loss of about 1000 staff - many of whom will be providing essential services. This will create a huge dent in the city the Mayor claims to be so proud of - when he appeared to appeared to promise the exact opposite by negotiating a better deal from government for Bristol. It is a very bleak future.

– Cll Ron Stone, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, Bristol City Council


Mayor's first year in office

The Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson celebrates one year in office today

Twelve months after he was sworn in, he is still trying to deal with the city's finances.

Yesterday he outlined dramatic plans to make £90 million of savings over the next three years which will include the loss of around a thousand council posts.

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson Credit: ITV News West Country

Mayor unveils dramatic spending cuts

The Mayor of Bristol has outlined the budget for the city council for the next three years.

There are cuts of £90 million, 1,000 people will lose their jobs and council tax will rise by 2 per cent if George Ferguson's plans are approved.

Our Political Reporter Robert Murphy has been looking at the details.

Where will the cuts fall?

The mayor of Bristol will tonight outline his planned budget for the next three years.

George Ferguson has already said up to one thousand people are likely to lose their jobs as he tries to plug a £90 million gap.

Our political reporter Robert Murphy reports


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