Malnourished patients double

The number of people admitted into hospital that are deemed to be malnourished has more than doubled in the west country in five years.

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Somerset health care statement

The Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group says it believes improvements in assessment and recording of malnourishment are likely to account to the significant rise in assessed cases in the county.

The group, which has the responsibility of commissioning health services for Somerset’s 540,000 residents, also says the published figures do not necessarily relate to separate patients.

The figures within the Parliamentary response showed a rise from 30 recorded cases in 2008/09 to 215 cases in 2012/13.

The published figures refer to admission of patients with a diagnosis of malnutrition in their medical record – irrespective of whether this was a ‘primary diagnosis’ or not.

Somerset’s district and community hospitals have seen an increase in the recorded levels of malnourished patients being admitted, but not to an extent to suggest widespread malnutrition amongst its older residents.

However, it is important to understand why this figure might appear significantly higher for Somerset.

The published figure can include a number of multiple admissions to hospital by a single patient.

In recent years the former Somerset Primary Care Trust and since April 2013, the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, has been actively encouraging rigorous monitoring of the health and wellbeing of patients on admission to hospital.

This may have influenced an increase in reporting on admission data.

– The Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group

Malnutrition rates double in the West Country

The numbers of people being admitted to hospital suffering from malnutrition have more than doubled in just five years in the West Country.

According to new figures released by the Department of Health, Somerset Primary Care Trust recorded the sharpest increase, with 215 admissions in 2013, compared with 30 malnutrition cases in 2009.

Latest figures show the numbers of people suffering from malnutrition entering hospital has more than doubled. Credit: PA
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