Drink driving figures up in Devon and Cornwall

The percentage of drivers testing positive for drink driving rises over the Christmas period compared to 2012.

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Drink driving figures up in Devon & Cornwall

More drivers in Devon and Cornwall tested positive for drink driving over the 2013 Christmas period than in 2012.

Over the festive period police breath tested 1326 people. Of those 12.5% were found to be over the drink drive limit or refused or failed to test, compared to 11.8% of drivers in 2012.

The positive drink driving figure is still too high.

Nationally and locally a lot of work is being done to educate people about the risks and dangers regarding drink driving and the messages are out there for all to see.

Despite this and the threat of punitive measures such as losing one’s licence, job, liberty or worse, it is disappointing that, when we carry out a sustained period of analysis such as this, that it reveals such a reckless approach from some people regarding their safety and the safety of their fellow road users.

– Inspector Richard Pryce, Devon & Cornwall Police
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