Farmers hit by bad weather

Farmers across the West Country say months of bad weather is causing havoc for the industry. It means there's likely to be supply shortages in the early summer.

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Sodden cauliflower fields in Cornwall

A farmer in Crowlas, Cornwall has told us they're really being affected by the weather.

Vegetable grower David Wallis said "usually we would double crop so we would harvest the cauliflowers, then turnover the field to sew early potatoes but its just been so wet we can't get out to plant."

Sodden cauliflower field in Crowlas, Cornwall Credit: ITV News West Country

Dairy farmer says weather having huge impact

Farmers across the west country say months of wet weather will have a serious impact on the industry this year. Livestock and dairy farmers are having to keep animals inside because of the sodden ground. That means hundreds of pounds in extra feed and bedding.

In Cornwall only five percent of the early potato crop has been planted, which will affect supplies in the summer. We spoke to Chris Cardell who is a dairy farmer and a spokesperson for the NFU.

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