Flood waters subside on the Levels

As floodwaters decrease by almost three feet on parts of the Somerset Levels, residents begin to return to their homes to survey the damage

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Debris left on flooded rail line in Somerset

The line at Athelney is no longer under water Credit: Network Rail

As the flood waters on the Somerset Levels slowly recede, Network Rail has released a picture of the previously flooded lines near Athelney and the debris left behind.

They are hoping engineers will start track inspections now the waters have subsided. At this stage they can't say when the line will re-open.

Flood-hit residents return to see the damage

Residents of the flooded village of Moorland in Somerset have begun to go back into to their homes to see how bad the damage is. The water level there has dropped several feet over the past week.

It's likely to be at least six months before they can move back in though. Our reporter Bob Cruwys joined one man returning to his house after the flood today.

Moorland resident returns to his flooded home

Derek Harvey inspects the damage in his house Credit: ITV News West Country

Moorland resident Derek Harvey has today returned to his home to see what he can recover. The floor has lifted and is ruined, carpets and furniture have been destroyed. There is very little left worth saving.

His bungalow has been underwater for around three weeks. Inside there is a stench of oil. Most houses here run oil-fired boilers and central heating. Oil tanks have leaked in the flood.

The kitchen and all the appliances are ruined Credit: ITV News West Country
The house stinks of foul water and oil. Credit: ITV News West Country

The insurance company loss adjusters told Derek Harvey that he can't expect to move back into his house for at least six months. It may take much longer than that because of the number of homes affected here. Getting rid of the oil contamination will be the hardest job.

Loss adjusters discuss the next step with Derek Harvey today Credit: ITV News West Country

Police roadblock to protect Moorland properties

Police roadblock on road to flooded Moorland Credit: ITV News West Country

The police have put a new roadblock across the road into Moorland over the weekend. It is normally used to block streets in the event of a riot. Here it is to stop potential criminals from entering Moorland where floodwater is receding, leaving evacuated homes vulnerable.

The roadblock is normally used in riot situations Credit: ITV News West Country


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