Prime Minister visits dredging site on Somerset Levels

David Cameron is in Somerset to see how the county is recovering after the floods and storms.

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David Cameron in Somerset after the floods

The Prime Minister has been in Somerset to see the dredging operation on the Levels following the winter floods. He says plans to increase river capacity in the area by up to 40% are the best way to prevent future flooding.

Mr Cameron also made a surprise visit to residents of a village which HAD been under several feet of water. Our reporter Richard Lawrence has spent the day on the Levels

David Cameron: 'Dredging does make a difference'

The Prime Minister is visiting Somerset this afternoon to see how the county is recovering after the floods.

David Cameron has been to see how dredging of the Rivers Tone and Parrett is progressing.

Four miles are being dredged, increasing capacity of the rivers by up to 40%. The Prime Minister says people who say dredging won't make a difference are wrong:


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Somerset Levels dredgers retrieve eight cars from river

Environment Agency staff recover a car from the River Parrett Credit: Aaron Baker /

Workers dredging a river in the Somerset Levels have turned up eight cars over the last week, all within 100 metres of each other.

This van was among eight vehicles retrieved from the riverbed Credit: Aaron Baker/

Environment Agency staff working to help relieve flooding in the area noticed the cars, which could be up to 20 years old, in the drainage channel of the River Parrett.

It is so far unknown how the cars may have ended up on the riverbed, but officials stressed they would not have contributed to recent high water levels.

Workers examine another of the cars retrieved from the River Parrett Credit: Aaron Baker /


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