Mother of Becky Godden-Edwards makes emotional appeal

The mother of murdered Swindon woman Becky Godden-Edwards has appealed to the man who confessed to killing her to provide answers about her death

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ITV Exclusive: A mother's emotional appeal

It's been more than 3 years since the body of Becky Godden-Edwards was discovered in a field in Gloucestershire, but despite someone confessing to killing the 20 year old no one has been convicted of her murder.

Today in an ITV exclusive, Becky's mother appealed directly to Christopher Halliwell, the man who made that confession to provide her with answers.

Jonty Messer reports:-

Becky's mother appeals for answers

The mother of murdered Swindon woman Becky Godden-Edwards has made an emotional appeal to the man who confessed to killing her.

Despite the confession, taxi driver Christopher Halliwell has never been prosecuted for Becky's death after a judge ruling that a police officer breached guidelines on how suspects should be questioned.

Today Karen Edwards appealed directly to Halliwell to provide the answers she is desperate for:-


Human bone linked by DNA to murder victim

Beck Godden-Edwards Credit: Family photo

Wiltshire Police have revealed that a bone discovered in a field at East Leach in Gloucestershire last month has been matched to the DNA of murder victim Becky Godden-Edwards

The bone was discovered on 10th April in the field as part of the reinvestigation of the murder. Detectives had been concentrating their search on the field which was where Becky's body was previously discovered

Detective Chief Inspector Sean Memory said: "The bone recovered from the field in Eastleach has now been subject to a forensic examination. I am able to say that the DNA matches that of Becky Godden-Edwards (also known as Rebecca Godden).

"Her family have been informed of this information. Other items were also recovered from the location, which are currently undergoing forensic examination. At this stage we cannot comment further on the nature of these items."

'Human' bone in field where woman's body was found

Tributes left at the field in Eastleach, Glos, where Becky's body was found in 2011. Credit: PA

Police reinvestigating the Wiltshire serial killer Chris Halliwell have discovered more remains in the field where a woman's incomplete body was discovered three years ago. A bone, believed to be human, was found near the shallow grave of Becky Godden-Edwards in a field in Gloucestershire.

Becky Godden-Edwards. Credit: PA


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