Gloucestershire PCC calls for law change on balaclavas

Gloucestershire PCC Martin Surl is calling for a change in the law regarding balaclavas and face coverings after intimidation during the trial badger cull.

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PCC is "horrified" balaclavas are not against the law

Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner is calling for a change in the law on balaclavas, in the wake of the badger culls.

Martin Surl says they create an intimidating atmosphere. Senior officers complained when they were worn both by protesters and marksmen during the pilot cull in the county.

He is writing to the Home Secretary to ask for more limits on when they can be worn.

He told our reporter Katie Rowlett why he finds the wearing of balaclavas so offensive.

Gloucestershire PCC calls for law change on face coverings

Mock up: police researcher Annabelle Turner has been gauging reaction from the public.

Gloucestershire's PCC Martin Surl is backing a call for a law change on face coverings. It comes after the Commissioner questioned senior officers about the policing of the badger cull.

Officers said people on all sides wearing balaclavas raised tensions and led to an atmosphere of intimidation.


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