Payout battle after pensioner nearly killed by falling sign

79-year-old Patricia Tutton was nearly killed after she was hit by a 4-stone falling sign in Falmouth, leaving her with long-term spinal damage. Controversially, this week the firm responsible accepted a caution, thereby avoiding prosecution.

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Pensioner describes 'horrendous' sign ordeal

It was horrendous, it really was, and when my daughter came straight to the hospital, she couldn't come in the ward; she just saw a glimpse of me and she just broke down. [...] I'm really quite angry about it all. I think it's taken unnecessary time and we're still getting all the correspondence. It's still ongoing, I'll just be glad now when it's all just finished."

– Patricia Tutton


The moment a 4-stone sign nearly kills pensioner

Patricia Tutton, 80, was nearly killed when the 4-stone sign broke free from the Mountain Warehouse shop in Falmouth, three years ago. The firm responsible for fitting the sign, New Life Signs Installations, was due to be prosecuted this week.

However, they have accepted a caution and agreed to pay their legal costs, thereby avoiding prosecution. Mrs Tutton, who has been left with long-term spinal injuries, believes that penalty is not enough.

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