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Potholes are one of those things which really get motorists hot under the collar. Now there are new statistics out from the RAC which add up the cost caused by these nasty niggles in the road.

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Wiltshire foots the larges bill for potholes

Potholes cost Wiltshire £120,000 last year Credit: ITV West

According to the RAC, £190,000 was paid out in compensation for damage caused by potholes in the West Country last year.

They say over five hundred motorists made successful claims.

Wiltshire saw the biggest number with 433 claimants, costing the authority more than a £120,000.

We'd like to see more money being put into the road network by central government. This is a vital part of our infrastructure and we need to look after it. After the war there were two million cars on the road, now there are nine million cars. Road capacity hasn't increased anything like that. We need to recognise how busy our roads are and we need to fund them properly.

– Philip Gomm, RAC Spokesperson


Going potty over potholes

Potholes are one of those things which really get motorists hot under the collar, so you won't be surprised to hear that when we appealed for you to get in touch with your own horror stories, we were inundated.

The recent cold snap has made the situation on many roads much worse. Jonathan Gibson has been taking a look at a few of the ones you've highlighted:

Thanks to everyone who's got in touch with us so far on this issue - some amazing images and tales. It's been such a talking point that we've decided to try to find the worst pothole in the West Country.

If you've got any photos of potholes near you then we'd love to see them. You can either email them to us - that's - Tweet them to us or post them on our Facebook page.

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