Embarrassment for Swindon South's MP

Swindon South's Conservative MP, Robert Buckland is facing embarrassment - just five days into his new job as Solicitor General.

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Labour question Robert Buckland's appointment

This afternoon Labour released the text of a letter from the Shadow Attorney General, Emily Thornberry MP, to the Bar Council, querying Mr Buckland's appointment.

In it she queries whether a finding of professional misconduct disqualifies an individual from becoming a member of the Bar Council, and whether there is any precedent "for a senior member having had such a finding made against them".

She also asks what background checks were made, and whether a failure to disclose the "conviction" constitutes a fresh misconduct.

" I would be grateful for your views on whether Robert Buckland is a proper person to be Solicitor General for England and Wales".

– Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Attorney General

Labour is playing a clever game here- not attacking the government directly, but instead querying the legal procedure. That makes it harder for Number 10 to defend the appointment of a man who, by his own admission, did not think the disciplinary finding against him should be mentioned on the grounds that it no longer appears on a website and is therefore "spent" (a legally dubious argument). The Prime Minister has huge issues on his plate at the moment over Ukraine - this is one he could do without.

– Bob Constantine, ITV West Country political correspondent


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