70mph zip wire planned for Avon Gorge

Bristol's tourism bosses are planning for a zip wire to run across the River Avon, down into the gorge and under Clifton Suspension Bridge and end close to the Cumberland Basin.

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Zip wire from Clifton over the Avon Gorge

Bristol's Tourism bosses are planning on installing a giant zip wire running down Avon Gorge, passing under the Suspension Bridge and ending near the Cumberland Basin.

John Hirst from Destination Bristol says it could bring thousands of people to the city and is working on a plan to do it next year when Bristol becomes European Green Capital.

A zip wire like this one in Bethesda is planned for Avon Gorge. Credit: Zip World Snowdonia

Talks are underway to run the project with the company, Zip World Snowdonia, which already runs two of the wires in Wales.


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