Longleat train accident

A woman has been airlifted to hospital by Wiltshire Air Ambulance with leg injuries after being trapped when a carriage on the on-site train at Longleat overturned this afternoon.

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Longleat issues new statement on train accident

The miniature train as seen in a previous report Credit: ITV News archive

Longleat has issued an updated statement following the accident on the miniature railway yesterday :

"We would like to extend our sympathy and best wishes to all those who were affected by the incident involving the miniature train yesterday (August 20th).

We would like to thank all emergency services personnel for their speedy and professional responses.

We would also like to thank all the members of the public who acted so quickly to offer help and assistance.

We are aware of one significant injury to a woman who, we understand has a broken leg, and was taken by Air Ambulance to the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

A further four visitors were attended to by Longleat first aiders and paramedics before being taken away by ambulance.

Our own staff were immediately on the scene of the incident and began assisting passengers and other visitors following the incident along with paramedics and members of the public.

The train, carriages and track are inspected by staff on a daily basis. All drivers and railway staff undergo a comprehensive training programme, which includes dealing with emergency procedures.

In addition to our own checks, the entire railway system is also subject to rigorous safety inspections by the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) annually.

The train had 155 people on board and can carry up to 169 passengers. We are currently undertaking a thorough investigation to establish the cause of the incident and are co-operating fully with ADIPS and the Health and Safety Executive.

The train will remain closed while this investigation is ongoing. The rest of Longleat is open and operational as normal."

– Longleat statement

Injured Longleat woman was celebrating son's birthday

Library picture of the adventure steam railway at Longleat Credit: ITV West

A woman in her 30's has been airlifted to hospital by Wiltshire Air Ambulance with serious leg injuries, after two carriages overturned on the miniature train at Longleat this afternoon.

The woman, believed to be from the West and visiting with her family to celebrate her son's first birthday, was trapped under one of the carriages. She was flown to the RUH in Bath.

Five other people were treated at the scene for minor injuries. The steam train, which was carrying 155 passengers, is used to transport visitors between the various enclosures at the estate and past the numerous attractions.

Staff and members of the public helped to lift the carriages back onto the tracks and give first aid to several 'walking wounded'.

A narrow gauge railway has been in operation at the safari park for several decades. The railway will remain closed while staff at the park carry out an investigation.

Longleat statement on train accident

At approximately 15.40hrs today (Wednesday) there was an incident involving the miniature train at Longleat where two carriages came off the track as the train was coasting into the station.

One carriage went on to its side and the other remained upright, the other carriages stayed on the track.

Staff immediately instigated the emergency procedure to safely evacuate all passengers from the train and the emergency services were notified.

There were 155 people on the train at the time.

At this time there are three people confirmed to have sustained injuries and have been taken to hospital.

Staff are currently undertaking a thorough investigation into what caused the incident and the railway will remain closed during this time

– Longleat statement


Carriage overturns on Longleat train

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