Investigation into care at Southmead Hospital after patient death

The new Southmead "superhospital" is investigating claims that poor standards of care may have hastened an elderly patient's death. The family of Violet Clutterbuck say she was not properly fed, or kept warm, for nearly four days after being admitted.

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Emotional farewell at Frenchay A and E

Staff at Frenchay Hospital bade an emotional farewell last night to its A and E department, as services were officially switched to Southmead Hospital.

As the clock struck 2am, doctors, nurses and other staff gathered to mark the moment. The facility was opened in the early 1960s and, and although dated, for many it's been their second home.

Our health correspondent Katie Rowlett was there:


First patients arrive at £430m hospital

The new Southmead Hospital has now begun taking in-patients Credit: ITV News West Country

Southmead building began taking in-patients overnight as Frenchay closed its A&E doors for the final time.

The latest technology has been installed in the £430m hospital Credit: ITV News West Country

The new state of the art hospital at Southmead cost around £430 million and took more than a decade to plan.


Frenchay A&E closes as patients head to Southmead

The Accident and Emergency Department at Frenchay Hospital near Bristol has closed overnight - as the new facility at Southmead opens to the public.

The doors to Frenchay A&E shut at 2 am Credit: ITV News West Country

The doors shut at 2 am this morning as the new Southmead building began taking in patients. Ambulances were on divert for 5 hours to the BRI while the handover took place.

First patients arrive at new Southmead Hospital

After more than a decade of planning and years of construction, the first patients are finally being tranfered into the new multi million pound building at Southmead Hospital.

The Brunel Building is designed to offer an improved patient experience compared to older wards on the site.

Our Health Correspondent Katie Rowlett followed one patient as she made the big move.

First patients for new building at Southmead

The first patients will be moved into the new building at Southmead Hospital in Bristol today.

The Brunel Building is designed to offer an improved patient experience. There are 800 beds, three quarters of which are in single rooms. The rest are in fours, on single-sex wards.

Jo Anyon, Move Co-ordinator at Southmead, says it will mean patients will have the peace and quiet to help them get better.

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