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First device for Cornwall's Wave Hub put in place

The energy-generating device is taken out to sea to undergo tests ahead of being connected to the wave hub Credit: Seatricity

The first energy-generating device to, eventually, be plugged into Cornwall's wave hub has been put in place .

It's a major step in the scheme, which will act as an electrical socket on the seabed harnessing the power of the waves to generate electricity.

Seatricity, the makers of the device say it is undergoing rigorous tests but, if they go well, it will be hooked up to the hub and possibly power 10,000 homes.

Plymouth Navy ship in search for missing plane

HMS Echo. Credit: Royal Naval

A Plymouth-based survey ship is joining the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. HMS Echo will travel to the Southern Corridor of the search area to try to locate flight MH 370.

The ship has been scrambled from the Persian Gulf. It comes after possible plane debris was spotted in the Southern Indian Ocean.

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Devon inventor wins $100,000

The "Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer (WITT)" transmission system Credit: ITV News West Country

A professional inventor from Devon has won $100,000 in an international competition.

Martin Wickett developed his design which can generate electricity from any kind of random motion. He's had help from universities and high tech businesses in Devon and Cornwall but it's his design.

He's just returned from the United States after being presented with the Gulfstream "Leap to Zero" energy award.


Cornwall to benefit from phone coverage investment

The map below sets out the local authority areas that stand to benefit from MIP investment, and Arqiva has begun identifying suitable sites in a phased manner.

Once suitable sites are identified, Arqiva will work to acquire rights to the sites and obtain planning permission before beginning the physical roll-out of infrastructure.

Cornwall will be in 'Phone 2' phase. Credit: Arqiva Limited

Cornwall gets phone coverage boost

This project will see mobile phone coverage extended to many of the people who currently live and work in areas where there is none.

The project will provide a significant boost to local economies across the UK, and will be instrumental in helping Britain win the global race.”

– Ed Vaizey MP, Communications Minister.

More mobile phone coverage for Cornwall

Cornwall is to benefit from the Government's £150million investment in mobile 'phone coverage.

The Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP) will extend mobile phone coverage to the county where no coverage is currently available, providing a sustainable technological solution for people living and working in the region.

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