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  1. West Country (E)

Coping with Afghanistan deaths

Sixteen families lost loved ones serving with 40 Commando in Afghanistan. But the unit was by no means the only one to be affected by the conflict.

Families from across our region lost sons, brothers and fathers, who were serving in military units based across the South West.

Ahead of today's parade our Somerset Correspondent David Woodland spoke to Judy Gaden, the mother of Corporal Tom Gaden, who was killed in Afghanistan four years ago:


  1. West Country (E)

Thousands turn out to welcome home Marines

Thousands of people have turned out in Taunton to welcome home the Royal Marines of 40 Commando from Afghanistan.

700 Marines paraded through the town's streets which were lined with huge crowds.

The troops were among the very first deployed to the country nearly 12 years ago. Now, after four tours they are among the last to return.

Bob Cruwys reports:

Royal Marines welcomed home from Afghanistan

The Duke of Edinburgh will present medals to Royal Marines from 40 Commando in Taunton later. A homecoming parade will also take place on the High Street to mark their return from Afghanistan.

Royal Marines rehearsing for today's homecoming parade at Norton Manor Camp Credit: ITV News West Country

It will be a chance to remember the 18 Royal Marines who lost their lives during the decade-long conflict.

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