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Police chief backs lowering of drink drive limit

Devon and Cornwall's Police and Crime Commissioner has backed a bid to lower the drink drive limit.

Tony Hogg has added his name to a private members bill being debated in the House of Lords which would lower the legal drinking limit in England and Wales.

It would reduce the current limits from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, to 50mg of alcohol - in line with most other European countries.

England and Wales currently has the highest allowed levels in Europe.

More than three quarters of people polled about drink driving support reducing the limit in England and Wales to the same as Scotland, an alcohol health group has said. Credit: PA

The evidence is clear, the risk of road traffic injury and collision increases rapidly with alcohol consumption.

Yes, we need to ensure there is effective enforcement of laws and I am proud of the strong track record police have in doing that, but the current limits are too generous and should be reduced.

Scotland has led the way on alcohol policy having introduced a lower drink drive limit in late 2014. I would urge parliament to make similar changes for England and Wales.

I am sure the people of Devon and Cornwall would support such a move – despite any impact it might have on their own behaviour or social arrangements.

A lower drink drive limit will help reduce the numbers of people dying or suffering life changing injuries on the roads – and ultimately make our communities safer.

– Tony Hogg
Credit: David Jones/PA


Large amount of stolen alcohol seized in Cornwall

Three people have been arrested after a large of amount of alcohol, believed to have been stolen, was found in a car they were driving in Cornwall.

The car they were travelling in was stopped by police on the A38 near Liskeard shortly after 5pm yesterday (Dec 1).

Over 100 bottles of alcohol, including spirits and champagne, were seized by officers, along with the silver Nissan Qashqai they were driving.

Two men, aged 34 and 36, and a 19-year-old woman, all believed to be Lithuanian and from the West Midlands area, were arrested on suspicion of theft and taken to Newquay police station where they remain.

A third of adults in the South West drink too much

A survey has found one in three adults drink more than Government guidelines Credit: ITV News

A survey has found one in three adults drink more than Government guidelines Credit: ITV NewsOne in three adults in the West Country drink above the Government's recommended alcohol guidelines.

The survey, by Public Health Action, found many of these drinkers were unaware of the risks alcohol poses to health, including increased rates of obesity, heart disease and dementia.

"This is about all of us really. This is about people in professional jobs, parents who are starting to see alcohol creep up on them and it's becoming a routine and regular part of their life and their day".


Calls to implement minimum unit pricing for alcohol

Calls to implement minimum unit pricing for alcohol

Implementing a minimum unit pricing for alcoholic drinks would dratically reduce the harm caused by alcohol abuse. That's the message from Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg.

He's written to the Government asking for a system to be put in place immediately. It's estimated the cost of alcohol fuelled crime in Devon and Cornwall costs £366 million pounds.


Morrisons: Government intervention 'unprecedented'

Morrisons have responded to Government plans to bring in a minimum price for alcohol:

This is unprecedented intervention for the Government to set the retail price of a product which goes against basic rules of competitive markets.

If the Government thinks that price is a mechanism for addressing problem drinking, then from the 6th April it already has the power to raise duty or VAT that must be passed on to the consumer and the money going to the Exchequer.

– Morrisons spokesperson
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