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A third of adults in the South West drink too much

A survey has found one in three adults drink more than Government guidelines Credit: ITV News

A survey has found one in three adults drink more than Government guidelines Credit: ITV NewsOne in three adults in the West Country drink above the Government's recommended alcohol guidelines.

The survey, by Public Health Action, found many of these drinkers were unaware of the risks alcohol poses to health, including increased rates of obesity, heart disease and dementia.

"This is about all of us really. This is about people in professional jobs, parents who are starting to see alcohol creep up on them and it's becoming a routine and regular part of their life and their day".



Calls to implement minimum unit pricing for alcohol

Calls to implement minimum unit pricing for alcohol

Implementing a minimum unit pricing for alcoholic drinks would dratically reduce the harm caused by alcohol abuse. That's the message from Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg.

He's written to the Government asking for a system to be put in place immediately. It's estimated the cost of alcohol fuelled crime in Devon and Cornwall costs £366 million pounds.


Morrisons: Government intervention 'unprecedented'

Morrisons have responded to Government plans to bring in a minimum price for alcohol:

This is unprecedented intervention for the Government to set the retail price of a product which goes against basic rules of competitive markets.

If the Government thinks that price is a mechanism for addressing problem drinking, then from the 6th April it already has the power to raise duty or VAT that must be passed on to the consumer and the money going to the Exchequer.

– Morrisons spokesperson

Minimum alcohol pricing: Cider

The cider industry is extremely disappointed with the Government's new legislative approach. There has been no consultation despite the great impact this legislation could have on our industry, which contributes significantly to the local, rural economies where our members are based.

The NACM recognises that we must find a solution to alcohol misuse, but Minimum Unit Pricing is not a silver bullet, therefore a commitment to implement it without debate is not how we expect Government to operate.

– Henry Chevallier, Chair of the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM)

Minimum alcohol prices set

80% of alcohol purchases are made by 30% of the population, and this group are the main beneficiaries of discounted alcohol Credit: ITV News

A minimum price per unit of alcohol will be introduced in England and Wales alongside plans to ban the sale of multi-buy discount deals, the Prime Minister has announced. Find out more about the proposals and whether you will be affected.