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Cornwall Council leader ousted

It's been a day of high drama and political intrigue in Cornwall today with the Council leader Alec Robertson ousted and four senior Councillors resigning. It follows a vote of no confidence in Mr Robertson over his plans to part privatise some public services.

The council is run jointly by the Conservatives and Independents. Today, at a fiery meeting in Truro, Mr Robertson got the push. From there, Kathy Wardle reports.


Cornwall council leader loses his job

Alec Robertson has lost a vote of no confidence Credit: ITV Westcountry

Cornwall council leader Alec Robertson has lost his job after losing a vote of no confidence. Councillors at a fiery council meeting in Truro chose to remove Mr Robertson from office with a majority of 63 votes to 49.

It comes after his cabinet pursued controversial plans to part-privatise some public services against the wishes of the rest of the council.