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Cornwall Council leader ousted

It's been a day of high drama and political intrigue in Cornwall today with the Council leader Alec Robertson ousted and four senior Councillors resigning. It follows a vote of no confidence in Mr Robertson over his plans to part privatise some public services.

The council is run jointly by the Conservatives and Independents. Today, at a fiery meeting in Truro, Mr Robertson got the push. From there, Kathy Wardle reports.


New Council Leader at Cornwall Council

Councillor Jim Currie has been elected to replace former council Leader Alec Robertson. He won a vote against Neil Burden with a majority of 49 votes to 46.

It comes just a week after Councillor Currie resigned as deputy leader. Following the vote, four councillors resigned from their cabinet posts citing they couldn't serve under Councillor Currie.

Cornwall council leader loses his job

Alec Robertson has lost a vote of no confidence Credit: ITV Westcountry

Cornwall council leader Alec Robertson has lost his job after losing a vote of no confidence. Councillors at a fiery council meeting in Truro chose to remove Mr Robertson from office with a majority of 63 votes to 49.

It comes after his cabinet pursued controversial plans to part-privatise some public services against the wishes of the rest of the council.

Protesters call for Cornwall council leader to go

Demonstrators at County Hall in Truro ahead of this morning's council meeting Credit: ITV Westcountry

Protesters have gathered outside County Hall in Truro to fight cuts at Cornwall Council. They're demonstrating against the sell-off of services and are calling for the council leader, Alec Robertson to be ousted over the move.