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The sun brings everyone out - even the wildlife

This lizard was spotted lapping up the sunshine on a cliff in West Cornwall Credit: James Kitto

There's nothing like a bit of sun this bank holiday weekend to bring us out to soak up a few rays. One of our viewers, James Kitto came across this common lizard basking in the sunshine on a cliff in West Cornwall.

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"If it wasn't for the PDSA, I couldn't have Charlie"

An animal charity that provides treatment for injured and sick pets has moved into a purpose-built hospital on the outskirts of Plymouth. The PDSA raised £2m for the building and says it was essential with more pet owners turning to them because they can't afford vet bills.

Dog owner Pat Eveleigh talks about how important the charity has been for her and Richard Hooker, Director of Veterinary Services at the PDSA says the new building couldn't have come at a more important time.


Rare chameleons hatched at Exmoor Zoo

The newborn Johnston's chameleons are just 3 cm long Credit: Exmoor Zoo

Two tiny baby chameleons have hatched from eggs at Exmoor Zoo. The three horned Johnston's chameleons are just 3cm long and are thought to be the first of their species to hatch in captivity in the UK.

They are identical miniatures of their parents who were rescued from an illegal shipment which was on its way to the Czech Republic.

They are now being fed gourmet meals of fruit flies and just-hatched crickets. At the moment they're around the size of a 10p piece when curled up but they can grow to 30 cm or more.

Johnston's chameleon hatched at Exmoor Zoo Credit: Exmoor Zoo

No U-turn on badger cull trial

Badgers are due to be culled in areas of Somerset and Gloucestershire Credit: ITV Westcountry

DEFRA has announced that the trial cull of badgers to try to stop the spread of TB in cattle will go ahead, despite speculation of a postponement

The pilot was due to start in parts of West Somerset and Gloucestershire this month but has received widespread opposition.

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