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Banksy painted SWAT van goes under the hammer

A SWAT van painted by Banksy could fetch up to £300,000 at auction.

The second hand van has distinctive graffiti stencils and mysteriously disappeared after it was the centrepiece of the Bristol artist's debut US show in 2006.

It depicts heavily armed Special Forces agents being hoodwinked by a small boy on one side, while Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz amidst a sea of graffiti tags is on the other.

Credit: Bonhams

It was shown in an industrial warehouse in downtown Los Angeles as part of the show which also featured a live elephant, painted red and gold.

The eccentric show was attended by A-list celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Dennis Hopper and was credited with kickstarting his rise to international fame.

Previous work by the mysterious artist has sold for up to half a million pounds.

The van has now resurfaced and is to be auctioned at Bonhams with an estimate of £200,00 to £300,000.

All of Banksy is on show here: his bravado, his imagination, his technical prowess, his confidence and his willingness to put his head above the parapet and use truth as a weapon.

– Ralph Taylor, Senior Director of Bonhams Post-War and Contemporary Art department

The auction takes place at New Bond Street on June 24.


Art installation shown at Dismaland is back in Bruton

The installation by Jimmy Cauty is known as Aftermath Dislocation Principle Credit: ITV News

An art installation shown at Dismaland last summer is back in the West for art lovers to view. The installation is hidden inside a forty foot shipping container and offers the chance to look at a model village with a twist.

Peek inside and there's a handcrafted miniature town - showing scenes of destruction and chaos. The installation is by Jimmy Cauty and inside there is a fictitious town you can view through peep holes.

It is known as Aftermath Dislocation Principle. It was first shown at Banksy's Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare last summer. But now it's on a UK tour - kicking off at Bruton Art Factory.

Banksy's Dismaland "bemusement" park was hugely successful, with enormous demand for tickets. This is a chance for those who didn't get tickets to see a most thought-provoking piece of art.

Gallery Directory Suzanne Bisset told ITV News: "It's a massive coup for us to get it and we're really pleased. Lots of people couldn't get tickets to Dismaland or weren't able to get in for whatever reason, whereas here it's free to get in and everybody's welcome."

For the next few days visitors to Bruton will be able to get a surreal model village experience. It's hoped it will be inspiring for all who view it.


Deal to buy Banksy's "spy booth" mural

The Spy Booth artwork appeared in Cheltenham last year Credit: ITV News

Cheltenham Borough Council is negotiating a deal to buy a Banksy mural on a house near GCHQ.

The "Spy Booth" artwork, showing three figures behind a telephone box, appeared in Cheltenham last year.

The mural was granted retrospective planning permission but has been repeatedly vandalised.

Banksy brings art to the 'Jungle'

Artist Banksy has left his mark on the so-called Credit: Banksy

Banksy has left his mark on the 'Jungle' in Calais, where migrants and refugees are camped out in squalid conditions.

A portrait of Apple founder Steve Jobs in the artist's distinct spray-paint style has appeared on a bridge in the camp.

It appeared as infrastructure from Banksy's 'Dismaland' parody theme park was moved from its original spot in Weston-super-Mare to the Calais camp.

Theme park staff have been constructing emergency housing in Calais as part of the Dismal Aid project.

Steve Jobs artwork by Banksy Credit: ITV News
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