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Hundreds take part in Barnstaple's Vintage Velo

200 cyclists take part in Vintage Velo Credit: ITV News

Barnstaple stepped back in time this morning as around 200 cyclists set off on a vintage bike ride.

Participants had come from across the country to take part in the 7th 'Vintage Velo' as it's known.

From Penny Farthings and Pithe helmets to the war time look this was the first time the event had been held in North Devon.

200 cyclists take part in Vintage Velo Credit: ITV News
200 cyclists take part in Vintage Velo Credit: ITV News

Cameron and the West Country issue - jam or cream first?

The Prime Minister had a straight choice this morning on one of the region's biggest issues - and got it wrong.

When trying to recall whether, in Devon, cream goes on the scone before or after the jam David Cameron guessed jam first and was quickly put right!

David Cameron was quickly put right on how to have a Devonshire cream tea Credit: ITV News

Mr Cameron did get it right though when eating his early morning cream tea just an hour later in Barnstaple after a meeting with party activists.

The Prime Minister even paid the bill!


Chemotheraphy unit opens in North Devon after four-year community campaign

A Devon community fundraised for four years so cancer patients could have better facilities. Credit: ITV News

After four years of fund raising North Devon's new Chemotherapy unit will open later on today.

The centre at North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple has been paid for by the community at a cost of more than £2 million.

Cancer patients will now have more spacious facilities. Credit: ITV News

It'll provide patients with their own purpose-built unit. Up until now cancer patients had to cope in cramped facilities or travel elsewhere for treatment.

The centre is based at North Devon District Hospital. Credit: ITV News

North Devon family raising money for heart tests

It's a simple test that can make the difference between life and death for healthy young people.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is normally traced to heart defects in teenagers and people in their twenties.

One family from North Devon, who lost a son to the condition, are raising money to ensure more young people get screened.

Seth Conway spoke to Brenda Luckett and John Luckett about their story.


North Devon District Hospital declares 'significant incident'

North Devon Hospital declared a 'significant incident' on Monday Credit: ITV News

North Devon District Hospital had to declare a 'significant incident' this week after filling every bed.

The hospital in Barnstaple experienced a high demand for its services on Monday February 16 which lead to significant pressures on the system.

The major incident was declared after every available bed at the hospital was taken, but people were still people attending A&E.

The alert has now been lifted after additional beds were found and patients who could be discharged sooner revealed.

We remain very busy and are working closely with our staff and partner organisations to resolve the issues as soon as possible. As is usual when we face significant pressures, we have put a number of measures in place to ensure patients continue to get the care they need.

– Darryn Allcorn, director of workforce and development

Former employees of Barnstaple's Leaderflush Shapland open their own factory

Door makers determined not to let a 160-year tradition go to waste have opened their own factory Credit: ITV News

Former employees of Barnstaple's now-closed historic door makers have opened their own factory after they were determined not to let the 160-year tradition go to waste.

Leaderflush Shapland shut its doors in the Devon town two-years-ago bringing an end to more than a century and a half of furniture and door making in the town.

The site is currently being demolished to make way for a supermarket and housing. But, committed to keeping the tradition alive in North Devon, former directors and craftsmen have set up their own door making business. have now set up their own factory.

Principal Doorsets now has around a dozen staff and will increase numbers to thirty this year and to fifty employees the year after.

Market traders issued parking fines while loading and unloading

Traders working at Pannier Market

Traders in Barnstaple say they feel victimised after seeing a massive increase in the number of parking tickets they're receiving.

Stallholders in the Pannier Market say in the past few months Civil Enforcement Officers from Devon County Council have been issuing fines whilst they've been loading and unloading.

Some traders have already handed back their pitch.

There's one here Christmas came in for the first time. She came here, she got ticketed and said she'd never come back again and she hasn't.

It's going to kill the market off; that's what's going to happen.

– Robert Penfold, market trader

Dangerous fake Frozen toys seized in north Devon

Fake toys like these have been seized by Trading Standards in north Devon Credit: Trading Standards

Fake toys containing high chemical levels have been seized by Trading Standards in Barnstaple and Ilfracombe.

The toys, from the Disney film Frozen, could damage the reproductive system and increase the risk of cancer or asthma if they are chewed by children.

Parents are being asked to double check any products they buy for signs they might be fake.

Example of counterfeit Frozen costume Credit: Trading Standards
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