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Burst water main leaves homes in Bristol without water

Many homes in the Bedminster area of Bristol are without water due to a burst pipe.

Bristol Water says engineers are working to get things back to normal. It also says when the water does come back it might be discoloured - and that customers should the run the first mains-fed cold water tap for half an hour to clear it.


5 of the world's leading street artists create murals on climbing centre

Five of the W=world's leading street artists are creating five different murals on the Red Point Climbing Centre in Bristol. Cosmo Sarcen is one of them and despite working 100 feet in the air he told ITV News he's not a fan of heights:

Street artists race to get artwork finished at Upfest

Hundreds of grafitti artists in Bristol are racing against the elements trying to finish artwork in Europe's largest street art festival. They're trying to create huge murals across the south of Bristol but have been hampered by rain. Charlotte Saker reports ...


Possible Banksy appears in Bristol

Could this graffiti in Bedminster be a Banksy? Credit: Gill Bees-Garland

One of our viewers spotted this piece of graffiti tucked away on the wall by Lidl on her way into Bedminster today (12 May).

We are wondering if it is an actual Banksy. It features one of the Bristol artist's trademark mouse stencils.

If the work is authentic, it usually appears on Banksy's website - we're keeping our eyes peeled.

Multi-million pound regeneration scheme could be on the cards for Bedminster

A multi-million pound regeneration scheme in Bristol could be on the cards for Bedminster.

A multi-million pound regeneration scheme in Bristol could be on the cards for Bedminster Credit: Urbis Developments/SCP Bedminster LLP

The city council has given the developers of St Catherine's place the go ahead to scope out plans to redevelop several council owned sites nearby. It could lead to new homes being built and over one hundred million pounds being invested in the area.

The regeneration plans Credit: Urbis Developments/SCP Bedminster LLP
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