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Your views: proposal to reduce bin collections in Somerset

People living in Somerset could move to a three-weekly bin collection service next year - in a bid to try to encourage residents to recycle more and save about £1.7 million.

At the moment, non-recyclable waste in the region is collected every fortnight.

It's certainly something that has got viewers talking on our social media pages:

If they did that I'd need a bin twice the size. Plus I live next to a river and they are not thinking about the rats / mice / maggots and flies and the stink that might come in the summer.

– Steve Gill, Facebook

People with more than two bins per household overfill their bins on a two weekly collection, so going three weekly will just mean a lot more bags out to compensate ...

– Steve Burnard

Several viewers wondered whether the reduced collections might also lead to a cut in council tax.

Presumably it will reflect in a reduction in our council tax for the reduced service that we are paying for?

– Tony Haywood

But not everyone disagreed with the proposal:

But aren't they going to be able to recycle more items? So that lets them put less in the black bin...

– Lorraine Johnson


Cornwall bin crisis: council apologises

Waste collection chiefs have apologised to callers who have been unable to get through on a helpline for missed rubbish collections in Cornwall.

Householders have been phoning Cornwall Council with more than a thousand calls a day about collection problems.

More than 250,000 households have been affected by the changes to collections with some homes reporting their waste hasn't been collected since the changes were introduced.