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Swindon family urges people to become blood donors

Blood transfusions saved the life of five-year-old Lillie (right) Credit: ITV News

A family from Swindon whose five-year-old daughter needs regular blood transfusions are urging people to become donors. Five-year-old Lillie has extremely low haemoglobin levels, and it is a blood transfusion every six weeks which is keeping her alive.

"It is just an ongoing thing for us, and that's why it's so important to have the blood stocks so when she needs her blood every few weeks it's there And when she does have her blood transfusion it brings her back to herself - lovely, bubbly, happy child!"

"I was a registered donor but I had lapsed, and seeing how important it was for Lillie as well as other children in the hospital as well made me realise that I needed to start giving again and see the importance of it."

– Nicola Christie, Lillie's mother

It is National Blood Week, and new research shows that 40% fewer volunteers came forward last year than a decade ago.

Bristol-based NHS Blood and Transplant, who conducted the research, asking people help fill the gaps in the nation's blood stocks.


More donors needed from ethnic minorities

People from ethnic minorities are far less likely to donate organs and blood for transplant. It turns out that just four per cent of donations come from black and Asian communities. The Lord Mayor of Bristol wants to change that.

Today Faruk Choudhury - the first Muslim to hold the post - is leading a drive to boost that number and help save more lives. Richard Payne reports.

More black and Asian donors needed

Blood donation Credit: ITV News West Country

A new campaign to encourage more local people to sign up as blood and organ donors is being launched by The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Faruk Choudhury.

It will particularly focus on encouraging people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities to sign up to be an organ donor and donate blood because these groups are currently under-represented.

Black and south Asian people are more likely to need an organ transplant as they are more susceptible to illnesses such as diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease which can result in organ failure.

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