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  1. Bob Crampton

Wrap up warm! Bob's latest weather blog

Credit: Gill Mogg

Standby for an Arctic blast!

We're in for a teeth chattering weekend...a short-lived cold snap. After the second mildest start to November on record, temperatures will plunge, egged on by a high wind chill factor.

On Friday it will start the cooling process. An Arctic maritime airmass will begin making its way south across the country. The north and the east will not only shiver but there may be falls of snow over high ground.

By Saturday the cold air will have crept south to cover most of England. Although there'll be sunny spells, it will be very chilly. Daytime values around 6 or 7 degrees - those figures will be doctored by the wind chill. A strong north-westerly to north wind will make it feel colder. Just the chance that any showers could turn wintry over high ground like the moors.

Away from the coast, overnight temperatures will fall close to zero. So a widespread frost and the risk of icy patches where there's standing water.

So get the gloves, scarves and woolly hats out. We'll have to endure the first cold spell of the season. But it won't last long. Back to milder conditions early next week.


  1. Bob Crampton

Bob's weather blog: Stormy skies ahead

Stormy weather expected over the next few days Credit: PA: Tim Ireland

If you were cooking, you'd have the right ingredients for the recipe to serve up a tasty dish. Over the next couple of days we'll have all the right ingredients for cooking up a storm. We can expect outbreaks of heavy rain together with thunder and lightning at times.

Low pressure has been developing over the Bay of Biscay and western France. Thats going to track northwards - the West Country is in its path.

This weather system is going to drag in warm air from the continent - making it feel very humid. And its a potent cocktail for much heavier rain and electrical storms. Warmer air carries more moisture - hence the prospect of big downpours. We have already had an instance of this during the summer.

Predicting exactly where the thunderstorms will hit is difficult. But the indications are that there will be a large number of lightning strikes. The concentrated rainfall is also liable to cause surface water flooding.

As a result the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for people in the region to be aware of the threat. It will be in force tonight, tomorrow and part of Friday.