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Lightning strikes Cornish lookout

The coastwatch lookout was struck by lightning which broke the door. Credit: ITV News

The bad weather made it a New Year to remember at a National Coastwatch station in Boscastle - when the building was struck by lightning.

Cables were torn out of their sockets in the Boscastle building. Credit: ITV News

A hole blasted through stonework and the flagpole was ripped off the wall.

Andy Salmon, one of the Coastwatch Officers keeping watch on the day, describes the moment the lightning struck.

Andy and his watch-keeping colleague on duty both escaped without injury.

Huge sharks spotted off the coast of Cornwall

Porbeagle sharks are potentially dangerous to humans but very rarely attack Credit: ITV News

Huge 9ft sharks have been spotted by fishermen off the coast of Cornwall.

But swimmers can rest assured that porbeagle sharks are far less dangerous than great whites.

The porbeagle sharks seen swimming near Boscastle should be “handled with care” because of their large and powerful jaws but rarely attack humans, according to the Shark Trust.

Mark Nelson was four miles from the port when he caught one of the giant fish earlier this month.

The 400lb shark was too large to get into his boat and after battling for an hour-and-a-half, Mr Nelson let it swim away.

Along with blue sharks, porbeagles are the most common species of shark in UK waters.