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Brian May to speak at Taunton badger cull meeting

May and protestors with placards
Brian May in Bristol protesting against the badger cull, 2012. Credit: PA

The Queen guitarist Brian May will address a public meeting in Taunton tonight about the planned badger cull in Gloucestershire and Somerset. The cull - an attempt to stop badgers passing TB to cattle - is due to start in two months' time.

Brian May has been one of the cull's most prominent opponents. He has created an e-petition urging the government to abandon it.


Badger protest to be held in Taunton today

TeamBadger is holding a protest in Taunton town centre today. Its members are campaigning against the hugely controversial badger cull planned in Somerset and Gloucestershire this summer - an attempt to stop badgers passing TB to cattle.

The protestors will be handing out leaflets and encouraging the public to sign a government petition against the cull, created by the Queen guitarist Brian May.

Devon MP Warns Celebrities Over Badger Cull Protest

A Devon MP has warned celebrities who've protested against the badger cull to be aware of the possible impact on the farming community. Totnes Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston says support from famous people could lead to attacks on farmers.

The musician Brian May is one of those fighting the trial badger cull in West Somerset and Gloucestershire. It's due to start this autumn.


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