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Pensioner's Christmas presents stolen from under her tree

Burglars have stolen Christmas presents from a Bridgwater pensioner's home.

19 wrapped presents were stolen from under the 81-year-old woman's tree, in what police have called "a really mean-spirited crime".

The burglary happened sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. Police are appealing for information.

The victim's presents were stolen from under her tree. Credit: Heikki Saukkomaa/STT-Lehtikuva/Press Association Images

Fears that Hinkley nuclear plant is being delayed

The site for the proposed nuclear power station in the shadow of the existing reactors Credit: ITV News

There are growing fears that the European Commission is delaying the building of a new power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. It's still to sign off all the building regulations surrounding the project.

Today Labour south west MEP Claire Moody will meet the Commission to try to speed up the process.


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Thousands enjoy Bridgwater Carnival 2014


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Milk price protest in Bridgwater

Dairy farmers were protesting about the drop in milk prices Credit: ITV News

More than 50 tractors blocked the entrance to a supermarket depot in Somerset last night in protest over milk prices.

Dairy farmers blocked the two entrances at the Morrisons distribution centre near Bridgwater until midnight after a drop in the price they receive for milk. Farmers for Action say the costs are not sustainable.

David Handley from Farmers for Action told ITV News: "For the last four months we've seen milk prices in the UK for farmers fall at a dramatic rate. In the last month they've fallen even further - to a point now we're almost producing milk below the cost of production."

More than 50 tractors blocked the entrance to the Morrisons depot Credit: ITV News

Bio-gas filling station to open near Bridgwater

Firms are being encouraged to convert their lorries to run on bio-gas Credit: ITV Westcountry

The west country's first bio-gas filling station is being officially opened near Bridgwater this morning.

HGV fleet operators are being encouraged to cut fuel and pollution costs by converting to dual-fuel or dedicated gas vehicles. The new facility at junction 24 of the M5 will be able to fill up to 80 vehicles a day.

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