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George Ferguson: Bristol Arena delay is 'all politics - a way of having a dig'

Plans for a 12,000 capacity Arena in Bristol have suffered yet another delay after councillors on the planning committee deferred a decision because they're worried about traffic chaos.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats blames the city's Mayor, claiming an idea for a 480 space multi storey carpark was withdrawn at the last minute.

I feel extremely sorry for the people on the planning committee who are having to deal with this because they didn't know whether there was parking there or not.

They know there is a commitment that's been made to the operators to provide some kind of parking but more crucially there was no travel plan.

– Cllr GARY HOPKINS, Bristol City Council

Meanwhile Mayor George Ferguson says it'll cost £300,000 to delay the plan and claims the multi storey was never on the cards.

This they see as my project and its a way of having a dig and I think that is very unfortunate.

It is the old politics and I've been striving to get rid of in this city.

– Bristol Mayor George Ferguson

We spoke to people in the nearby area of Totterdown where there was genuine concern that people coming to the Arena will try to squeeze into their already congested streets.

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