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City Council pays out £10m in redundancy

Bristol City Council is shedding hundreds of jobs Credit: ITV News West Country

Bristol City Council is paying out almost 10 million pounds to nearly 300 staff who've taken voluntary redundancy.

The costs, averaging 10 thousand pounds per employee, are revealed in a council report which shows that a further 700 jobs would have to be shed to meet targets.

The authority is currently facing a deficit of nearly 30 million pounds.


Green Party slams Council decision to cut 1,000 jobs

The Green Party has slammed the government for reducing funding which "make it impossible for local councils to deliver essential basic services".

The condemnation comes in the wake of news Bristol City Council will axe 1,000 jobs to keep up with budget cuts.

We stand alongside the unions who are opposing the cuts which will decimate essential public services across Bristol, and the impact this will have on the most vulnerable in our city.

This government seems determined to systematically dismantle local councils with no regard for the pain this will cause ordinary people.

– Charlie Bolton, Leader of the Green Council Group

The Green Party Spokesperson for Local Government added:

In addition to savage cuts in services that so many Bristolians rely upon, people working in local government have faced years of uncertainty and pay freezes - now 1 in 6 of them could now lose their jobs this autumn. This is devastating to the people concerned and their families, and will also have a serious impact on the delivery of vital council services.

– Tony Dyer, Green Party Spokesperson for Local Government

Job losses would have a 'devastating' impact on services

Job losses at Bristol City Council could have a "devastating" impact on services, one union has said.

UNISON said the cuts could leave the Council "unable to fulfil its legal duties, particularly around social care for elderly and vulnerable people".

It's now calling on Marvin Rees to list the services Bristolians can expect to see if Central Government cuts keep coming.

And, although the council is offering voluntary redundancy, Unison has warned up to half the losses could be compulsory.

Slicing more and more off budgets while expecting the same service to be delivered is not realistic any more.

We are seeing the beginnings of a crisis in social care and you only have to look around the city streets to see the homelessness that results.

Real political leadership is needed from the Mayor. Firstly to decide what kind of public services he wants given the lack of money, and second to unite with the leaders of other core cities and say to Theresa May: give us the funding we need – or we risk failing our residents.

– Steve Crawshaw, branch secretary for UNISON Bristol


Setback for Bristol Arena after planning application deferred

An artist impression of the arena at night. Credit: Bristol City Council

Plans for the long-awaited 12,000 capacity arena in Bristol have been delayed after councillors voted to defer their decision over planning permission.

Councillors wanted more detail about how 12,000 people would travel to and from the venue. Credit: Bristol City Council

Councillors said they felt the plans had been brought before them without the details being ironed out - concerns had already been raised about parking issues and space for drop-offs.

The move is likely to push back the opening date - originally set for 2018.

The planning application will now return to the committee at a later date.

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