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Yellow warning for rain and thunder: Bob explains

Cars in heavy rain. Credit: PA

As the Met Office puts out a yellow warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms in our region tonight, our weatherman Bob Crampton explains the traffic light warning system:

"Yellow, amber, red - that's the grading of Met Office warnings. There has been some confusion on the whole warning thing. It is simple - a sort of traffic light system.

"It relates to severe weather - fog, rain, wind, rain, ice and snow; these are the categories. A yellow warning is to "be aware" of one of the categories indicated. Amber is getting more serious; its "be prepared", while red is the most serious. It's rarely used and warns people to "take action" to protect their own safety.

"Tonight a yellow warning will come into force because of heavy rain and possible thunderstorms. It's really a heads-up to watch out for surface water puddling on roads, flashes of lightning and any hail that comes with a storm. It's likely that the heavy rain and storms will be very localised and certainly not everyone will experience them. It's also difficult to pinpoint their path across our region.

"The yellow warning runs from 23:15 tonight until 22:45 tomorrow."

What is a 'pyramid scheme'?

Nine women have been convicted of masterminding a 'pyramid scheme' that conned 10,000 investors out of over £20 million.

How it worked:

The scheme operated around pyramid charts with 15 spaces on.

Each space was filled by a participant who paid £3000 who then had to introduce two friends who also paid that amount.

Once the chart was filled the 8 people at the bottom paid their £3000 to the person on top - who was called the 'bride' and after answering a series of simple questions was handed the £24,000 minus a £1000 fee split between charities (£600) and the committee (£400).

At this stage the pyramid splits allowing two new brides to move to the top of the pyramid and as long as new people keep joining this process continues. However in order for the Bristol scheme to be sustainable, every man, woman and child in the UK would have needed to take part.


'Pyramid' scheme cons thousands in the West Country

Nine women have been found guilty of masterminding a 'pyramid' scheme, convincing thousands of people to invest money.

The Pyramid scheme saw victims across the West Country hand over money, which most never got anything back.

The women held recruitment parties in Burnham on Sea to get people to sign.

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