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Teenager named locally as Emily Gardner

Brixham Harbour where the tragedy happened Credit: Google Street View

The teenage girl who died after becoming trapped when a speedboat overturned in Brixham has been named locally as Emily Gardner.

Friends and family members are using social media sites to pay tribute to the "beautiful" 14-year-old who is thought to have died while on holiday in the seaside town.

Emily is said to have been with her pals, also named locally, as Holly Pritchard and Gemma Gadsden, who were hospitalised following the accident.

The trio were also with one of their father's, not thought to be related to Emily.

Sharon Ashley took to Facebook to write: "My beautiful beautiful niece love you so much sleep tight xxxxx."

Her uncle, Nick Taylor, added: "Good night my amazing beautiful niece x shine bright like a diamond x."

It is thought Emily lived in Gloucester with her family and attended Chosen Hill School, in Churchdown, Gloucester.

Lynzi Ashley wrote: "Love you Emily Gardner gonna miss you soo much. Get well soon Gemma and Holly Pritchard xx."

Shannon Jade said: "RIP Emily. I hope Gemma Gadsden and Holly Pritchard are feeling better soon thoughts go to you and her family."

Bryony Elizabeth-Gorgina Fenemore posted: "RIP Emily, such a beautiful girl taken from us thoughts go out to all friends and family."

Rita Petita added: "Emily can't believe we've all lost you xxxxxxxxxxxx".

Investigations continue in Brixham

Brixham Harbour where the tragedy happened Credit: Google Street View

A teenage girl has died after becoming trapped when a speedboat overturned at a popular holiday spot. It is thought the youngster was on a Bank Holiday trip with a father and two school friends when the tragedy struck.

All four passengers on the boat, which overturned in Brixham Harbour, in Torbay received medical treatment and were taken to hospital.

Tragically, one of the female teenagers, whose identity is not yet known, died shortly after arriving at Torbay Hospital in a critical condition.

South Western Ambulance Service (SWAST) confirmed that one of the other passengers was in a serious condition and two others were not thought to have serious injuries.

We were called by the coastguard at 12.01 on Saturday afternoon. It was reported that a boat had overturned.

We sent four ambulances to the scene and an officer, who was able to liaise with the other services involved.

We also sent out Hazardous Ambulance Response Team (HART) who are trained to deal with difficult situations, so they attended as the water was involved.

A paramedic also attended in a fast car.

In total there were four patients. Two were in a serious condition, one of which critical, when we arrived.

Two others were not thought to be in a serious condition at the time. The person in a critical condition was a young girl.

We know it was a young female, but we don't know her age. We are assuming that it was this patient who sadly later died."

– Spokesperson, South Western Ambulance Service

Emergency services were called at 11.44am on Saturday (2/5) morning after reports a boat had capsized.

Lifeboat crews attended Brixham Harbour, in Torbay, Devon along with two coastguard search and rescue teams and the coastguard helicopter.

Specialist divers worked into the evening to remove the capsized boat, which was near the entrance to the harbour.

It is thought that the group were not local and had been visiting the area for a break over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The cafe is right by the harbour. What has happened is absolutely tragic.

We were all really upset by what happened yesterday. We don't really know much about it - we just saw all the emergency vehicles arrive.

We don't think the people involved were local. A lot of people have been talking and it sounds like they were just on holiday here.

I don't know any more than that really - it's all very sad.

– Anonymous, local cafe worker


Investigation into Brixham speedboat tragedy

A teenage girl has died and three others hospitalised after a speedboat they were travelling in overturned.

Emergency services were called at 11.44am on Saturday morning after reports a boat had capsized.

Lifeboat crews attended Brixham Harbour, in Torbay, Devon and a father, his teenage daughter and her two friends were taken to hospital.

However one of the girls tragically passed away later yesterday afternoon.

Two coastguard search and rescue teams attended as well as the coastguard helicopter.

Specialist divers were on the scene last night and were expected to remove the capsized boat from near the entrance to the harbour.

Mark Criddle, coxswain of Torbay's RNLI lifeboat, said the vessel was launched at 11:51 BST to reports of an overturned boat just outside Brixham harbour with four people in the water.

He said the three other people who had been on the speedboat had been rescued by other crafts in the area, including two jet skiers and a yacht.

We arrived on scene to find a 16ft speedboat upside down with a girl trapped in it.

We located the girl and brought her onboard the lifeboat where she was immediately given first aid by a doctor and paramedic who were members of the lifeboat crew.

We took the girl back to shore where she was handed into the care of paramedics who took her to hospital.The three other people who had been aboard the overturned speedboat were also taken to hospital after being treated at the lifeboat station.

– Mark Criddle, Torbay's RNLI lifeboat

A small speedboat containing four persons overturned.

All persons were rescued from the water and received medical treatment; sadly though, one person has died.

Her family have been informed.

– Devon and Cornwall Police

Glimmer of hope for Devon family facing deportation

A woman who is fighting to stay in the UK with her husband and three children has been given extra time to appeal against being deported. Kingdao Wade has been told she can`t stay living in Brixham on a visitor visa - and may have to return to Thailand.

Richard Lawrence tells their story:


Devon family's deportation fears

Andrew and Kingdao Wade Credit: ITV News

A father from South Devon who's fighting to save his wife from being deported says he's still deeply worried the family could be torn apart.

Kingdao Wade was warned she would be deported to Thailand on December 27th but has now been told she can appeal.

The couple, who have three children, fell foul of a law which states she must prove her husband Andrew earns more than £18,500 a year.

They made us wait over Christmas and we only we received a letter three or four days ago asking us to pay more money to go to the court hearing.

Until we pay that money - hopefully we can get it in the next couple of days or whenever we can do it, they've given us till the 21st - but no, we're no clearer.

– Andrew Wade, Husband

Mother of three says she'll fight deportation decision

A mother-of-three who is being deported back to Thailand two days after Christmas says she'll fight the decision all the way.

Kingdao Wade has been told she'll be deported on December 27 because she is living here on a visitors visa. Her Brixham family is now locked in a legal battle with the Home Office to see if they can secure a reprieve.

Devon family could be torn apart this Christmas

Kingdao and Andy Wade and two of their children. Credit: ITV News

Three Devon children face losing their mother just after Christmas because she is due to be deported.

Kingdao Wade has been with her family in Brixham on a visitor visa from Thailand.

She should have a spousal visa - but new rules make it impossible for her and her husband Andy to qualify for one until at least May. She is due to be deported on December 27th.

I will fight every way, all the ways I can, for the right for my family to be together and for my children to have their loving mother.

– Andy Wade, Kingdao's husband

Falmouth takes over coastguard duties for Brixham

Falmouth Coastguard have taken over work from Brixham today - after the Devon organisation closed. Emergency calls off the Devon coast will be taken by Falmouth or Lee-on-Solent coastguard in Hampshire. Thirty people lost their jobs as a result of the closure.

Councillor Vic Ellery, Torbay Harbour Committee said it was a sad day for Brixham:

Cllr Vic Ellery, Torbay Harbour Committee went on to say he wasn't convinced the move would be better for local people.

Local knowledge here is everything. Alright to have technology and all that but these guys here are so professional, know every inch of the coast line, know all the names and different names the fishermen give it. You know I'm sorry but I'm not convinced that is a better response with new technology in Hampshire.

– Cllr Vic Ellery, Torbay Harbour Committee
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