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Friends of bullied teen want website shut down

Friends of a teenager who killed herself after being bullied online have told ITV News West Country it's time the website they partly blame for her death was shut down.

14-year-old Izzy Dix from Brixham was found dead at her home in September. She'd been bullied both at school and over the internet.

Jeff Welch has been talking to some of her friends about her ordeal and what they want done to make sure it never happens again:

7 out of 10 young people targeted by online bullies

A funeral was held today for the Devon teenager believed to have taken her own life after being the victim of cyber bullying.

Izzy Dix was found dead at her home in Brixham. She was just 14. Her friends said she'd been bullied.

And today it's been revealed that 7 out of 10 young people have been targeted by online bullies.

Jacquie Bird has been to meet someone who tried to take her own life after the intimidation got too much:


MP's Islamic veil comments cause Twitter backlash


Poor Sarah Wollaston's twitter feed has become a total car crash of bigotry, Islamophobia, historical ignorance and exceptionalism.


Sarah Wollaston, how about asking a woman who wears niqab what she thinks about her freedom? Or does her opinion does not matter?


Feel quite uncomfortable about Sarah Wollaston's comments about the #niqab today.

Sarah Wollaston's tweets on 'offensive' Islamic veils


feminists should be allowed to say that they find the #niqab deeply offensive without being accused of being bigoted or islamophobic,


The niqab should be banned within schools & colleges; how on earth do they promote equality when they collude with making women invisible?


The niqab won't be banned in the UK because too many politicians will hide behind freedom; hiding women away is a perversion of freedom

The Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston says Islamic veils are an 'intolerable subjugation of women which should not be allowed to masquerade as freedom.'


New garden opens for families in Brixham

Devon families have a new open space to get outdoors in the West Country.

The Brixham Family Group has transformed a garden on land adjoining Indigo's Go Wild and Chestnut Childrens' Centre.

It recently held its Playday Playful Paws Fun day to officially open the park.

Jonty Depp, aka Captain Jack Sparrow cut the ribbon. Credit: Tom Horsley
Families taking part in the Paws Fun Day. Credit: Tom Horsley
Children enjoying the other activities on the day. Credit: Tom Horsley
This little pooch came third. Credit: Tom Horsley

You can find out more about the Brixham Family Group by visiting their Facebook page.

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