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Cars covered in Sahara dust

A coating of Saharan dust on some cars in Devon & Cornwall Credit: ITV News

Drivers across Devon and Cornwall were left slightly confused after finding a thin coating of red dust on their cars.

Thanks to an odd weather pattern, small specks of sand have been picked up from the Sahara desert and made their way north through Europe.

Experts say a sandstorm over Algeria last week saw the sand launched high into the atmosphere.

It mixed with rain clouds and came down in light rain showers leaving cars coated in a thin grime.


Come to the South West - it's the cheapest place to buy a used car

The South West is the cheapest place in the UK to buy a used car Credit: David Jones/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The South West is the cheapest place to buy a second-hand car in the country. While buyers in the region are now paying an average of only £6,951 for a second-hand car, those in north east England are having to fork out as much as £10,805.

Used car prices are now at their lowest for 15 months. The average price for a used car is now £8,540 - the lowest figure since September 2011.

Prices of second-hand vehicles dipped by an average of 1.71% between November and December last year.

As motorists face rising prices in insurance and fuel, it certainly pays motorists to shop around to get the best used-car deal - which will probably be in the South West.