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Sister left 'heartbroken' by 'sickening and cruel' murder

She was not just my sister but she was my best friend and the thought of growing up without her breaks my heart. She was so special to mum, and dad and me. To think we have to try to carry on living without her is so hard. I don't trust anyone. She was so young and had so much to achieve in her life. To know these three people are capable of doing this is sickening, to burn her to the ground and carry on thinking it is ok is so cruel. Catherine did nothing but love him."


Murder was 'dreadful, pitiless crime committed in cold blood'

You murdered a fine young woman with everything to live for for money.

Rafal Nowak, the images of you leading Catherine by the hand the evening before her death buying items for what you knew was her last meal are utterly chilling. Your only emotions have been for yourself.

Anna Lagwinowicz, your conduct has been deceitful, manipulative and cruel. You played your full part in this wicked crime.

So did you Tadevsz Dmytryszyn.

This was a murder with the expectation of gain. There were significant aggravating factors and no mitigation."

– Mrs Justice Sharp, Bristol Crown Court


VIDEO: Catherine Wells-Burr's parents' reaction to verdict

For the family of Catherine Wells-Burr today's verdict has come as a huge relief. They've been in court for much of the eight weeks of the trial.

We heard a little earlier their reaction outside court, shortly after the jury delivered its verdicts.

Jayne and Phillip Wells-Burr spoke to ITV Westcountry about their daughter.


FULL REPORT: Wells-Burr murder - how it happened

Two men and a woman have been convicted of killing Somerset woman Catherine Wells-Burr.

Her former boyfriend Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowicz and Tadevz Dymtryszyn had all denied the murder of the 23-year-old, but a jury today decided that they had committed the crime.

Catherine Wells-Burr was found dead in her burning car near Chard last year. Nowak, Lagwinowicz and Dymtryszyn will all be sentenced on Monday morning at Bristol Crown Court.

David Woodland reports.

Wells-Burr murder convictions: Police statement

This was a wicked crime committed against a bright and innocent young woman who had her whole life ahead of her. Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowocz and Tadevz Dymtryszyn took both Catherine's and her family's future away from them on the night they carried out this calculated killing. They then tried to cover their tracks and mislead us in a bid to get away with what they had done.

– Detective Inspector Simon Crisp

Murder is a terrible crime but what makes this worse is the intricate planning that took place while Nowak pretended to care about Catherine – playing the doting boyfriend while plotting to take her life for a few thousand pounds. Their plan unravelled despite their best attempts to mislead us and today they have been found guilty of Catherine's murder.I would like to pay tribute to Catherine's family who have remained strong and dignified throughout. Their support to the investigate team has been invaluable.

– Detective Inspector Simon Crisp

While the verdict/sentence will never bring Catherine back I hope it goes some way in providing some closure knowing that justice has been done. Finally I'd like to thank our first rate prosecution team led by the CPS here in Bristol who coordinated a complicated and challenging case through to today's final conclusion.

– Detective Inspector Simon Crisp
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