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Vandalised Christmas tree is replaced

The tree which became a target for vandals Credit: ITV News

A Christmas tree and lights display wrecked by vandals in Cornwall has been replaced. After repeated attacks Bodmin town council decided to fence it off. But, thanks to a strong public response a new tree has been put up and the lights will be turned on later.

Dune system vital to protecting Cornwall's coastline

Cornwall Council says the Dunes at Porthtowan play a key role in protecting the county's coastline and it needs to retain the best level of protection for the communities.

Many residents have been concerned by the use of dead christmas trees to stabilise the dunes. The council says it recognises the concerns and welcomes the offer from the Porthtowan Dunes Community Group to work with the council to agree some interim actions.

To find out exactly what the beach looks like and why residents feel the current situation is an 'eyesore' watch Steve Hard's report from February this year:


Council looks for new solution to shifting dunes

Cornwall Council has met with the Porthtowan Dunes Community Group to discuss future stalsaton of the dunes. Residents have raised concerns after a hundred Christmas trees were planted in the sand at Porthtowan less than a month ago in a controversial bid to stabilize the shifting dunes.

More than a hundred trees have been planted on the dunes Credit: ITV News West Country

"We are close to receiving approval and funding from the Environment Agency to begin seeking independent expert advice from a specialist company to fully understand what works are required for the long term future and stability of the dune system" - Jon James, Natural Environment Manager.

Residents have described the trees as an eyesore Credit: ITV News West Country

Christmas tree recycling

People are being urged to recycle their Christmas trees Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive

With the festive season coming to an end, we're being asked to 'treecycle' when we get rid of our Christmas tree. Somerset Waste Partnership says they can be composted, chipped or shredded instead of sending them to landfill.

If you bought a Christmas tree with roots you can even plant it in your garden.