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Cold snap, what cold snap? Seals lap up the sunshine

It may be chilly but at least someone is still making the most of the sunny weather.

The grey seals at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have been taking full advantage and spending all their time hauled out on the side of the pool basking in the rays.

The grey seals are spending all their time hauled out on the side of the pool basking in the rays Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

It’s great to see them all hauled out enjoying the sun shine, we have our sun canopies up around the pool to provide them with shade but they are really lapping up any sun we are getting at the moment!

– Tamara Cooper, Curator at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The team have given the seals ice blocks with fish inside to help them keep cool.

They also enjoy the hose the team use throughout the day, which they love playing with.

Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

It’s very common for seals to haul out in the sunshine. Seals in the wild will often come out of the water to relax on the beach, they can be there for a while perfectly happy

– Tamara Cooper, Curator at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The Sanctuary have rescued 64 grey seal pups this season.

They successfully released nine seal pups this week, but if you wanted to visit the sanctuary, rest assured - they still have plenty of rescued seal pups to see!

Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary


Rare seal pup given permanent home in Cornwall

Badger the rare black seal pup Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

A rare black seal pup abandoned by his mum when only two weeks old will need lifelong medical care.

Grey seal pup Badger was rescued from the Isles of Scilly last November with wounds thought to have been inflicted by other seals.

He has since been looked after at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, where he has now been diagnosed with a permanent thyroid condition requiring regular medication.

Badger when he was a pup Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Without regular treatment Badger would die. He responded so well to antibiotics and other treatment when he first arrived, we were confident he would soon be resuming life in the wild.

Unfortunately his condition soon deteriorated again, and that was when it was discovered he has an under-active thyroid.

– Tamara Cooper, Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Badger is the only one of 62 seal pups rescued by the Sanctuary over the winter who has not since been released.

Happily, Badger now seems to have no problems socialising with the other residents who have given him a warm welcome.

We went to film Badger at the Sanctuary. He certainly knows his way around the water.

VIDEO: Seals saved from storms at sanctuary

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Gweek has come to the rescue of seal pups in difficulties this year. Most of them are undernourished because they're finding it so hard to get food in the stormy seas. Others have been damaged.

Here's a video of some of the seals being looked after at the sanctuary.

To find out more about the sanctuary's work, click here.

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