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Contractor chosen to build archive centre for Cornwall

Artist's impression of the new archive centre for Cornwall Credit: Richard Carman

Cornwall Council has announced that South West firm Midas Construction has been awarded the contract to build Kresen Kernow, the new archive centre for Cornwall. The scheme has been funded by a grant of £11.7m from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Cornwall Council.

The Kresen Kernow scheme will transform the former brewhouse on the Redruth Brewery site into an exemplary modern archive and library space, bringing together the world’s largest collection of manuscripts, books and records related to Cornwall.

Work is due to begin on site in November 2016.


Quite a catch: massive 300lb tuna brought in off the Cornish coast

Credit: Irving of Exeter

A giant tuna weighing over 300lbs has been caught off the Cornish coast.

The Giant Atlantic Bluefin tuna, which is worth thousands of pounds on the black market, was hauled in five miles off the shore.

Dan Gardner, who skippers the boat, said the creature put up quite a fight.

This one got on the boat but we wont be doing that again.

It put my back out. It can stay in the water next time

– Dan Gardner

It took fisherman Alan Wright three hours to haul in the massive fish. They put a rope around its tail and balanced the fish under its chin to calm it down.

They then bundled it aboard where they measured it – and it was 78 inches from tail to jaw.

Bluefin are one of the largest species of tuna and can live up to 40 years.

In 2013 a Bluefin Tuna sold for a record £1.09 million at a Tokyo auction.

One bluefin tuna sold for a record £1.1 million Credit: TV TOKYO

They are one of the most valuable fish in the sea. They are worth tens of thousands of pounds.

But it is illegal and they are only worth that on the black market.

– Dan Gardner

The huge fish is an endangered species and highly protected - after taking a photo this giant was gently released back into the sea.


What could Heathrow's new runway mean for me?

Credit: ITV News

A third Heathrow runway has been given the go-ahead, the Government has confirmed.

The controversial decision has already sparked protests, although the president of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has said that creating the runway will bring benefits to the whole country.

So, how might the South West be affected?

  • Heathrow has proposed six new routes across the UK
  • Among them, will be flights direct to Newquay Airport
  • Commuters would have another option into the captial city
  • It could mean another tourist route into the South West

Meanwhile Bristol airport has urged the government to support aviation growth across the whole country

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer at Bristol Airport, said: “Today’s decision reflects the new Government’s keen focus to keep Britain moving and demonstrate it is open for business in a post-Brexit era.

However, most passengers flying into and out of the UK use airports other than Heathrow.

The benefits of increased connectivity, inbound tourism and more jobs must be spread across the whole country, not just concentrated in London.

– Robert Sinclair, Bristol Airport

He's urged that the role of major regional airports must not be overlooked


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